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A last reminder for you and your friends and family to go online and sign our petition on Sec 70. We need to collect the numbers by the end of the month to be able to present them to Parliament in early March. Click here to sign
We do urge you to take the time to do this so be have the numbers when we speak to Ministers, some of whom are very supportive of our petition.
For all of you who have already done this, thanks so much we really do appreciate it.



February 2019 

Historic Village, 17th Ave,

Ph 571 2558

Hello and welcome to the start of a new year! Firstly, I would like to welcome any new members who have joined us in the last couple of months – your support means a lot to us and I hope we continue to deliver on the issues and expectations which you feel we stand for. Always contact us if you have concerns about unfairness or discrimination. 2019 – gosh it’s a big number now and for a most of us the turn of the new century is getting a bit hard to remember! I feel that occasion was rather eclipsed by the financial recession! However, we seem to have worked our way through that without the country collapsing but the cost of living does appear to be excessive!  On a happier note, by the time you read this the ‘heat wave’ will perhaps have passed and some welcome rain may have fallen?! I expect many of us will remember other long, hot summers which we enjoyed at the beach or in our gardens, with no media dramatizing the temperatures? However, a bit like our previous addiction to smoking, it is a pity that we were not warned about the dangers of bare skin being exposed to hours of sunshine and potentially creating melanoma. Coconut oil seemed the very best thing to be smothering ourselves in to get that ‘healthy’ brown tan!


Hi from Michelle & Tony Hutchby your Real Estate Agents! WOW! Summer is here and it’s been a hot one so far and so also has been the New Year’s housing market.  With mortgage rates creeping under the 4% mark, the lowest for decades there are plenty of buyers in the market taking advantage, so if you’ve been thinking of down-sizing or just relocating, now may be the time to consider going to market?  Michelle and I are available any time to give you advice and guidance on taking your property to market.  Something exciting, if you do decide to sell your property with us not only do you get our Free Marketing Campaign and Gold Card discount if you mention “Grey Power” we will have a little something extra to make you “smile” even more.

Finally, a big thanks to fellow member Anna & husband Tom for entrusting us with their beautiful home in The Lakes to sell.  We’ll keep you informed on how it’s going.

Michelle & Tony from Harcourts are proud sponsors of Grey Power’s quarterly newsletters.

KEEP SMILING   Membership Renewal Invoices We would like to remind you that subscriptions are due on or before 1 April. Invoices will no longer be posted out as a reminder. The cost of postage for us is huge and one of the reasons for starting the newsletter was the ability to contact everyone with something a
little more interesting than just an invoice. Not being a charity means that donations cannot be claimed as a tax return. We will email a reminder mid-March and our first Magazine of the year will be delivered by post/email in the second week of March with a written reminder. I would like to say a special thanks to all of you who have added a little extra to your subscription by way of a donation. The majority of that money goes toward postage but is sometimes used to reward volunteers for the amount of time they give up to come into the office and help us out each week.

Positive Ageing Advisory Forum:  Our meetings start at the end of this month and it will be exciting to see what projects we will be asked to help with. The Forum is all about working with the TCC in an advisory capacity to make sure that places and services in Tauranga are easily accessible and friendly in line with the Age Friendly City Strategy. **Some statistics which may be of interest: Published by Social Link August 2018 Over 97% of people under 65 are online with 90% aged 65 – 74 and 75% 75 – 84. Half of people over 85 have no internet at all. 82% of all New Zealanders travel by car with only 5% using public transport!

Driver curtesy: Am I alone in thinking that driving in the city has become a lot more frustrating and takes twice as long to get anywhere? One thing that speeds thing up a bit is if you are making a right hand turn out of a side street – it can help if you wait close to the centre line then other drivers can slip through on the inside to do a left-hand turn.

😊 What did the traffic light say to the car? Don’t look! I’m about to change!

Helpful Tips: If you are of a mind to save some money and the planet then try this. When you theoretically get to the end of your tube of toothpaste cut it in half. You may be surprised at how much toothpaste is still left and how long it takes to use it up. Over a year you could save yourself from buying 3 or more tubes, therefore saving a little money and creating less waste to go into landfills.

Buses:  Regional Council Bus Timetable Changes Cause Concern in Katikati The latest bus timetable changes in Katikati have caught Super Gold Card holders without a guaranteed service to Tauranga in the morning. Previously Gold Card holders could travel free from Katikati to Tauranga on the bus that left Summerset Retirement Village at 8.50am and the centre of town at 9.00am. Now the bus leaves Summerset at 8.35am and the centre of town at 8.50am. This makes the next “free” bus departing 2 hours later at 10:50am, providing those travelling only just over 2 hours in Tauranga before they have to return. Currently the Regional Council is allowing Super Gold Card holders to travel on the earlier service free of charge but this is unlikely to continue beyond June. No weekend service has commenced to date, so options for Gold Card holders in Katikati are very limited. If you have been inconvenienced by the new bus timetables and the ability to travel free between 9am and 3 pm throughout the Bay, please let us know so we can lobby for appropriate changes. You can also forward your own suggestions and comments to Melissa Winters, Transport Operations Officer BOP Regional Council, . If you have similar or any other problems in Tauranga, please let the office know.
Social:  Christmas 2018 Every second year the whole family comes to our place for the midday meal on Christmas day. So last November, in anticipation of a memorable feast to come, the women worked out what they would each like to provide and we would provide the meat. As this was to feed 10 adults, 4 teenagers and 7 children communal participation in food preparation was essential and very much appreciated…. On Christmas morning we were woken by excited children who could hardly wait for their parents to wake up at 7:30! The 2 families staying with us had present opening time and then, after breakfast, we went to a child-friendly church to celebrate the ‘reason for the season’ -the coming of God as a baby into the world. The one threat to our peace at the time, our daughter’s baby, was passed around until he went to sleep in the arms of a delighted daughter-in-law. At home afterwards, our son-in-law decided to add to the menu by cooking up some lobster he had brought from Wellington and preparing some fresh fish to eat raw. Someone else was preparing food at the bench and about this time our medium size kitchen became quite small! Just after midday the family from Bethlehem arrived and then the second family from Auckland. The adults could all sit inside at our dining room table at a pinch but the younger family members were to be seated around a trestle table and picnic table on the deck, partly under cover. It was overcast but dry.  Would the weather hold? The food was laid out on the bench – a delicious smorgasbord of lamb, turkey, lobster, raw fish (which was surprisingly tasty I discovered later), roast vegetables and salads. There was gourmet gravy and mint jelly for the lamb, cranberry sauce for the turkey and the usual condiments, accompanied by a variety of drinks. Then as one family had to leave before 2:00 we moved into the lounge to open up presents and suddenly it poured! Two men of action dragged the tables on the deck under the cover just in time to avoid any damage. It was a short shower, just long enough to finish the opening of the presents, and then the sun shone on the dessert time. One daughter had made a delicious strawberry cake; there was also a fruit platter, various types of ice cream, a trifle, Krispy Kreme donuts and some brownies. The faces of the children when they saw the selection reflected pure delight! Afterwards we relaxed on the deck catching up on recent events in people’s lives with the usual, friendly banter. Overall, we felt we had enjoyed a great Christmas feast! As the Bethlehem family were leaving, they discovered a big forgotten pavlova in an unopened bag so, the following afternoon, we finally finished our Christmas meal when they came back for another visit and a pavlova afternoon tea!

MSD & Benefits: Certain changes to the benefits of having a Community Services Card mean that you will now have reduced costs when you visit your doctor on ACC. Check the back of your Gold Card for the letters ‘CSC’. Some doctors have also reduced their fee for a regular visit but you need to ask. If you feel your circumstances have changes do call MSD (WINZ) on 0800 999 999 or visit their website so that you can access more financial help with things such as lawn mowing or a medical alarm.

Political: Sec 70 petition We hope you have seen our petition and have had time to sign it? If you have- we really do appreciate your support. There are forms at the office or there is the quick online option –

Sec 70, means that people in a relationship with someone who has an overseas pension from some countries, are being treated as an ‘economic unit’ and not as individuals. This adversely affects their Nat Super. For a full explanation or if you have a question about this do call the office or go to our website or Facebook page.

😊The other day my wife asked me to pass her lipstick but I accidently handed her a glue stick. She still isn’t talking to me!

😊I know a lot of jokes about unemployed people but none of them work!

Coffee Mornings:  As mentioned in the last newsletter, we are going to have speakers at each of our coffee mornings in Tauranga. With the help of some interesting suggestions from members we have drawn up a list and are now contacting potential speakers. Hopefully there will be something of interest for everyone so mark your calendar for the first Thursday of each month at The Raft Café! The Katikati meetings are bi-monthly– Bayden has asked if someone can help out with organising the meetings? Call our office to offer your help.

Internet reminder:  We are asking again for people with email addresses to please let the office know. Because of the cost of postage, the reality is that we cannot afford to send special or urgent messages to members by post.  We are also asking that people check that we have your correct email address because there are still occasions when emails bounce back. Just send an email to the office with your name and that will update your address. [] Thanks so much – we just don’t like people to miss out. Also, a reminder that internet, computer & smart phone help is available at all the libraries, with a ‘one on one’ session which is $10 for half an hour. Call the library 577 7085 to make an appointment.

Gift idea: Do you every scratch your head wondering what to give a friend/relative for their next birthday?? Everyone seems to have so many ‘things’ and it’s becoming harder to know what to buy. Problem solved!! Gift a year’s membership to our Grey Power Association and they will receive 8 publications a year, can attend up to 10 coffee mornings with speakers and become part of a nationwide lobby group which is proactive in looking after your wellbeing and protect your Superannuation! What else could possibly get so much for only $20. Phone or email the office for details.

That’s all for this issue!  Hope you are not finding the heat too stressful and remember to keep up your fluids – that’s water of course! Take care and give someone a hug or a smile. Jennifer and your Committee

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