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April 2019

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Hello and welcome to our second newsletter of the year! Again, I would like to welcome any new members who have joined us in the last couple of months and a sincere thank you to all our members who have renewed their subscription– your support means a lot to us and I hope we continue to deliver on the issues and expectations which you know we stand for. Always contact us if you have concerns about unfairness or discrimination.
A reminder of our AGM being held on 7th May at the Baptist Church Hall at 1.30 (see more details on the last page). At this point I can confirm that 5 committee members are standing for re-election which means we have space for a couple of new people. This is not a particularly time-consuming position – we meet once a month and the rest of the time it is reading and replying to some emails. Of course, if you would like to bring more to the association, we would be very keen to hear from you. We will be able to take some nominations from the floor at the AGM.
May is a busy time as we also have our National AGM being held in Wellington and I will report on that in the next magazine which will come out early June. From what I have read so far, we will be asking the Board to lobby on such things as health, DHB’s elective surgery wait times plus Kiwibank and Post Shop closures which have caused so much inconvenience to many older people, especially to those who no longer drive.

Hi there from Michelle & Tony Hutchby your local Real Estate Agents.
Well the hot summer s been and gone and into the cooler months we go… HURRAH some of us would say!
Some major changes to report for us too. We have moved to the Harcourts Bethlehem office on the main highway, replacing long term real estate icons Steve and Robyn Godfrey who have moved back to the Hawkes Bay. We are delighted to be chosen to replace them and you can be assured of the same exceptional service they delivered.

Although we are now domiciled in Bethlehem please note that we can meet the needs of you all, our fellow Grey Power members anywhere in Tauranga, and we look forward to helping you whenever the need arises.

With interest rates now the lowest since the second World War and Capital Gains Tax now history, you may be considering downsizing or just a move, so please feel free to call us for a no commitment chat over a coffee to discuss your Real Estate needs should you decide to go to market. You will receive our Free Market Campaign, our Gold Card Discount PLUS a little extra as a fellow Grey Power member to widen your smile.

Michelle & Tony are proud sponsors of Grey Power’s quarterly newsletter.

Gym Offer:
Tauranga City Gym run by Brenden Stuart has written offering a special deal for Grey Power members. It’s a small gym, 80 St John St (off 11th Ave) and offers $8 per week, full 24/7 membership with NO contracts, NO joining fee, NO hidden costs. You might see me there!!

Membership Renewal
A reminder that membership subs are due! Check your card and if it does not have a pale blue label with a 2020 expiry date, then it is time to find your cheque book or go online to renew. Go to our website – and click on PAY NOW (this renews as well). Online, members who are renewing do not have to fill in a form – just use your membership number when you do the internet payment. The cost of postage for us is going up again on the 1st July so I can’t thank people enough for the very generous donations that you have added to your renewals this year! 😊 Every little bit helps to make it financially possible to post out the Newsletters and Magazines through the year. As we are not a charity it does mean that donations cannot be claimed on your tax return.

Local Government:
The Tauranga City Council is asking for submissions in regard to a potential walkway between Memorial Park and The Strand. This structure will most likely be set out in the water as there appears to be very little Council land that could be used. Although this would provide a lovely walkway between these locations – it will have an impact on to the environment and most certainly to the residents whose properties go to the water’s edge both in the short and long term. For some of them there is a bank and their property will sit well above the walkway but for others it may mean a loss of privacy and security.
I do encourage you all to write to the Council to express your opinion – any opinion, however small will help to inform the Council as to how to proceed from here. There will inevitably be a cost to this – planning, reports, consulting and so on before any structure is even started! It must be decided if this is the best use of money for the Council although I understand it is some way off before it would even be included in the next 10-year plan. At the present time they are asking the public if we believe this is something the TCC should move forward with. Forms are in the libraries or for online submissions go to go to Community/Have Your Say. It’s a very short questionnaire but this decision will set the precedence for many other structures around our waterways.


The complexities and satisfaction of writing one.
We recently asked if any members were interested in forming a small group to discuss the merit or problems of the proposed CGT. One of the interesting things that came out of that was that not a lot of us knew a lot about writing submissions. On investigation I found a whole new source of information and a way to consume even more of my time. One could become a full time ‘Submission Writer’! With the advent of the internet you are able to keep your eye on all the interesting things being proposed in Parliament that you may have an opinion about. For those who are not on the internet we will have a printed copy of instructions at the office so you can write to the select committee in the usual way.
For those online go to and click on ‘making a submission’. From there it gives clear details on how to write a submission. This site also tells you which select committees are asking for submissions and the dates they expire.

😊 A good nine out of ten bad things I’ve worried about never happened. A good nine out of ten bad things that did happen never occurred to me to worry about!
Driver courtesy:
When you are heading for one of our many roundabouts, do think about the signal you need to give going into it but also at what point you are exiting. It will help people who are wanting to cross from the opposite side but are waiting to see if the road will be clear

Coffee Morning Speakers:
As promised, we will have a guest speaker at each of the Tauranga coffee mornings. This is Jenny’s report from April.
Dan welcomed our speaker for the morning: Gavin Stagg came to speak to us from the NZ Kiwifruit Growers Inc. and his talk was most interesting. Most of the Grey Power members had little or no hands-on experience in the kiwifruit industry therefore everything he told us was new and informative. His major message for us was the present urgent staffing situation in the industry; not that he expected us to go out and work in a packing shed or orchard but he said we could encourage younger family members into the industry or friends wanting to earn a bit of pocket money for the packing season! The chances for promotion for energetic young people in the kiwifruit industry are huge with all manner of opportunities for specialisation. The amount of research that goes into this booming export-earner is considerable, covering plant varieties, pests and diseases, husbandry, sales and promotion, international relations and much more. Members were interested to hear what went on in the orchards and packing facilities at this harvest season to ensure our export quality levels are maintained. Questions flowed and Gavin was well prepared to answer. At the conclusion of the meeting everyone agreed that it had been a surprisingly interesting and informative talk.
At the next meeting on 2nd May we will have Jim from the Fire Department who will speak about the do’s and don’ts to keep safe with heating and electrical appliances particularly over the coming winter months. The June 6th meeting speaker will be Marianne from U3A to talk about the many groups you can join to continue learning after you retire – from gardening to history, science to photography!
Tauranga meet first Thursday of each month at The Raft Café!
Katikati meetings are bi-monthly on 2nd Thursday– If anyone has a little bit of extra time to help out with organising the meetings for Katikati, please call our office.
At our April meeting the ambulance crew on duty gave us a very interesting insight into how their duties have changed over the years. For example, they can now ‘thrombylise’ a patient on the spot instead of waiting until they get to hospital which, of course, improves the patient’s chances of recovery.
The next meeting will be on 13th June, usual place and time.


Photo ID:
There is a new card for those who no longer have a driver license or a current passport to use for legal identification. Hospitality NZ have provided this facility for those people to apply for a card which replaces the 18+ card. They have recognized the need for a more age friendly card and it is now called Kiwi Access Card and can be used as proof of your identity at banks and other places. There is a cost of $55 for the card to be processed plus $20 to have a passport type photo taken at the Post Office or $25 elsewhere. Forms are available from our office or any Post Shop/Office. Online form
It is all an extra cost but Government does not seem to want to move forward on upgrading our Gold Card to provide legal ID.

Winter Energy Payment:
This payment will start in May so if the weather has deteriorated, we can turn on our heaters and keep warm. Do make sure you close your curtains as the sun goes down to help keep in the warmth of the day. Also switch on your electric blankets early – an inexpensive timer is a great idea so it is set to come on at the right time but also set to switch off before you go to sleep. I have a favourite soft woolly scarf that I wear in the evening – amazing how much warmer that keeps me!

Political: Petition on Spousal Deduction:
Have you had time to sign it? If you have – we really do appreciate your support. If not, there is still time and forms are at the office or this is the quick online option – The petition closes 10th May 2019. It will then be presented to a politician. Information about the petition is on our website.

Gift idea:
Do you ever scratch your head wondering what to give a friend/relative for their next birthday?? Everyone seems to have so many ‘things’ and it’s becoming harder to know what to buy. Problem solved!! Gift a year’s membership to our Grey Power Association and they will receive 8 publications a year, can attend up to 10 coffee mornings with speakers and become part of a nationwide lobby group which is proactive in looking after your wellbeing and protect your Superannuation!

Tauranga Baptist Church Hall on the corner of Cameron Rd and 13th Ave (next to Countdown).
Start time 1.30 pm. Parking is off 13th Ave and use the entrance to the Hall off the carpark.
Speaker this year will be Margaret Engelander from Over & Above Moving & Decluttering company – she can be very amusing and/or give some very helpful advice to us all.
Tea and coffee will be served after the meeting. We really look forward to seeing you there.

That’s all for this issue!
There’s certainly been a drop in the temperature this month but the recent beautiful sunsets and warm sunny days will be something to carry in our minds into the winter months. Take care.

Jennifer and your Committee


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