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A growing city presents a multitude of issues as council tries to grapple with the ever changing environment. The team is not always successful in getting things right as everyone has unique needs and one hat does not always fit all. Among the current issues are the Council itself with its continuing scrapping with each other. Don’t we just yearn for a group of men and women who will get on and do the job. Of course there will be differences and robust debate, but for goodness sake, be grown up about it.

Then there is the Kerbside collections coming on stream next July 1st 2021. Check out the Q & As and see if your questions are satisfied. What do you think of it all? Write to us and let us know, and we will publish any civilised response.

Then there is the parking building, the downtown redevelopments, the empty CBD, Traffic congestion, public transport (is the new contract doing it for you?), Bee cards.

Bee Cards, now there is an issue. Getting your card and getting it linked to your GoldCard for free travel should be as simple as 123. More like “£*&%@. Try ringing them. Their number is 0800 4 BAYBUS or if you prefer the numbers 0800 4 229 287 or if that is no good get your grandson or daughter to do it for you on-line.

City centre developments –

There are lots of city works in progress, which, if you have driven through the CBD lately you will no doubt not have missed. Each time you do so the changes are plain to see. The completion of these are eagerly anticipated, and a new and vibrant city centre will be hopefully something we can be proud of. We just have to get through the disruptions and hope that the empty shops will soon fill again.

City centre developments

But do let us know your views