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By joining Grey Power you can be  be part of a community to help effect change on issues that impact on people in the seniors age group. Government and local bodies have no incentive to listen to one person but they have to take notice of a large national organisation representing the interests of thousands of voters.You can also receive or offer help and support to people of a similar age and interest right here in your own local community. If you need help with something chances are another Grey Power member can either provide it or show you how to get it.

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Access to Grey Power Electricity

You can join Grey Power Electricity to enjoy 5 year price protection, low Grey Power prices, transparent billing and be supporting a New Zealand owned company.

National Discounts

Benefits for members available nationally such as:

  • Discounts on Inter Island Ferries – both NZ Rail and Bluebridge
  • Duty Free NZ at International Airports
  • AIL Insurance – Free $2000.00 Accidental Death Insurance

Along with many others available to Grey Power members.

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