Live Captions to Parliament TV

Closed captions are now available when watching Parliament TV on demand. This is the latest stage of the captioning project that launched in 2013 to improve Parliament’s accessibility.

When you’re watching Parliament on demand, you can turn on captions by clicking on the ‘Subtitles/closed captions’ option, which looks like two Cs in a white box. These captions are the same as the ones provided for Parliament TV live, which is why there’s a slight delay between the audio and the captions.

Previously, the only captions available were the ones that are automatically generated by YouTube, which aren’t reliable. The new captions make Parliament TV on demand more accessible to New Zealanders with hearing loss.

About Parliament Video On Demand

The speeches and questions you see live on Parliament TV are all available as video on demand on the Parliament website ( and on YouTube. Proceedings are broken up into individual videos, and categorised by speaker and subject for easy sorting and searching.

Watch Parliament Video on demand

Why do we need captioning?

In New Zealand, 780,000 people have some sort of hearing loss. For 250,000 of them, it’s a significant disability. Captioning is a way of making television broadcasts more accessible.

The Captioning Working Group advocate for wider captioning across the country. The National Foundation for the Deaf, Deaf Aotearoa, and the Hearing Association of New Zealand established it in 2011.