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GreyPower exists to give Senior Citizens a voice in the community both nationally and locally. There are many day-forum-54773ways in which we can do this from visiting the GreyPower office and discussing your issue with our people, to contacting those in power directly. You can also attend our coffee mornings where some lively discussions take place.

Our website which you are looking at now can be a great forum of ideas too. If you have an issue which you would like to raise, this is where it will come to. In the Issues menu above, just click on the topic you want to read about. To contribute, either email to us (, or use the general inquiry form to express your ideas. This will then be checked and if it is not going to get you or us into trouble, we will publish it here. You will see the first one is about the proposed Tauranga Museum. What a great topic. Anyone with an interest in the history of our place which spans some 800 years will be wanting to have a say as to how this might be expressed. Will the museum be a place of old artifacts and information, or will it be the hub of the adventure of discovery sending us to all corners of our city and region to discover the people and the communities and the metamorphosis of a nation. Can we afford it, or can we afford not to. Do we pass on our past to the future citizens? How do we pass on our past to the female-writer-47294future citizens? You Say!

Maybe you have a message for the new council. Let us have it!

Were you satisfied with the election process? Was it a fair way of choosing our Mayor and Council? Should the Mayor be approved by more than 50% of those choosing to vote? Give it to us!

What is your take on our city centre? Is it declining or is it about to grow? Should the bulldozers come in and clear the space for a new centre and CBD? Spell it out your way!

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